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During a routine visit several issues were brought to my attention. Your new technology allowed discovery of these issues before they became more serious and before the older technology would have indicated any issues. Your office was very diligent in working out which items to treat this year and which to treat next year in order to minimize my out of pocket expenses. On the day of the visit the procedures were fully explained and completed in a very timely manner. The service was outstanding! I could not ask for more. Thanks.
-Lee P.

I've been a patient for many years. The service has always been excellent. The staff goes out of its' way to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. If they can make me "pretty" relaxed, they can work with anybody!
-Margaret S.

I travel for an hour to receive this excellent care. I know my dentist is very honest too. I sometimes complain about a tooth, which I am prepared for major work. My dentist several times says it will settle down. When I am in pain I do not always think he's right. So far he saved me on several occasions by being RIGHT EACH TIME.
-Alice W.

After twenty years with one dentist, we chose Dr. Geldart and his office carefully. We have been very happy to his care for the past several years. The office is friendly, efficient, and stable. We appreciate feeling cared for and not "pushed" into treatment until it is necessary.
-Mary H.

The nice lady that repaired my tooth yesterday morning did a great job. (so far) Feels good and works better than before.
-Donald B.

Well I was able to stand up out of the chair and not have it stuck to my behind. Good cleaning and no digging. What a treat. Everyone is soooooooo nice and I don't mind coming to the dentist anymore. Thank you.
-Donald C.

I had a cleaning schedule for this morning and had a wonderful experience with the hygienist! Everyone greeted me with a smile early in the morning and made my visit pleasant. Thank you!
-Laura C.

This is only my second time (of which I hope a long relationship) and Linda is just a sweet, as is all the staff, person. Always gentle and wearing a smile. Such a treasure.
-Karin P.

Everyone at this facility is very professional and is extremely courteous to it's customers and their needs.
-Donald C.

All the staff is courteous and helpful if you have questions concerning billing etc. All are very professional.
-Edna R.

We were so happy with Loudoun Valley Dental-put my children at ease.
-Collin R.

Every visit has been a great experience! The staff is so friendly & accommodating!
-Melissa R.

Clean, bright, cheery, with dental hygienists who are helpful and really care.
-Dorothy B.

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